Does installation require drilling into my van’s body?
No. StoPro uses the vehicle’s factory fittings for installation meaning that no drilling into the van body is required.
Will StoPro fit my vehicle / van?
If your vehicle is on the following list, then StoPro will fit perfectly within the specific contours of your van: Renault Trafic / Ford Transit Custom / Vauxhall Vivaro / Volkswagon Transport / Nissan NV 300.
Does the StoPro Stealth come pre-assembled?
No, the StoPro Stealth comes flat-packed. The instructions are very clear and installations is very quick and easy. It is usually complete within 30 minutes from unboxing.
Do you deliver across the UK?
StoPro storage units can be delivered to all mainland locations within England, Wales and Scotland.
Is the StoPro system waterproof?
The StoPro Stealth storage system is weather-resistant, meaning that it will protect its contents against the wind, rain and particle dirt. Each unit’s coating is extremely durable and stood up to 1000 hours of salt spray testing.
What are StoPro storage systems made from?
Each StoPro Stealth van storage system is manufactured from ultra-high strength steel, which enables thinner gauge materials to be used elsewhere, reducing the system’s average weight without reducing its overall strength. Ultra-high strength steel is far superior strength-wise compared to aluminium storage units and is actually lighter too. The deck is made from strong, yet light, birch plywood with an anti-slip layer for added safety.
What is the drawer’s load-ratings?
StoPro Stealth’s heavy-duty drawer slides means that each drawer can safely carry 150kg.

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